A new website is coming!

It will take awhile since I am building it as time allows in between my paid, regular business, but I am hoping to have a much better website with a lot more resources to give friends and relatives the ability to search for information on loved ones who were members of the Four Division Association.

The Association went out of business--called the final muster--on August 7, 2015. The records of its membership unfortunately are not available to the public and I am not certain if they ever will be. The last members are sadly dying off and thus was the reason for the final muster as there were no longer the numbers of members needed to keep the association running.

I will do my best to keep this site up and running in perpetuity, even long after I am gone. I donate the work required to manage and build the website but am asking for help in paying for the hosting and domain fees which the association previously paid for. These costs are approximately $120 per year.

Click here to make your donation.

Thank you.

Mike Macchioni
Hershey, PA


Patron - up to $24

Sponsor - $25 to $49

  • Mr. Chuck Welsh
  • Mr. Robert Libby
  • Mark Sheehan - In honor of my father William J Sheehan 3/24, 2 Purple Hearts, Roi-Namur, Saipan, Tinian & Iwo Jima. A true Marine in Arlington Cemetery!
  • Mrs. Gerry Franklin - In memory of my father, Robert F. Browning from St. Louis who fought with the Fighting Fourth and was stationed at Camp Maui

Friend - $50 to $74

Benefactor - $75 to $99

Gold - $100 and up